2018 ITCA Symposium and Party

This year’s 2018 party provided some insights into our industry and highlighted new regulations around the ELD mandate. We were given some analysis on the quickly changing industry (major container lines consolidated from 20 companies into only 8 over the last eight years).

The best part was getting face to face time with our long time vendors and customers. As each year brings fresh faces, and makes me feel a little older, I value the friendships that we have created in the industry. Here is to another great year!

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West Texas Sand Mines Require Special Sand Chassis

The fracking industry continues to pick up steam again as a resurgence of oil and gas drilling is driving activity. A major component of this industry is the fine sand that is required to create fissures in the well. As the wells become deeper and longer, the tonnage of sand used is increasing almost double fold. Companies are finding it more profitable to use the coarser grain of West Texas sand than to travel long distances to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a finer grade. With new Texas sand mines coming on line in the near future, this industry will remain very active for the long term future. The sand companies are beginning to require drivers to use the more efficient container chassis to haul their containerized loads instead of flatbeds that require extra time to strap and bind loads to haul over the road.

The twist locks secure the container to the chassis in one quick movement saving the driver and companies time loading and unloading and eliminating the need for straps and binders. We have these twist locks in stock available for sale as well. Call (832) 433-7114 for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment, please contact our offices today for options to increase your capacity and efficiency hauling containerized sand (sand boxes, sand containers).  Email me at sandra@innovaindustries.net or call (832) 433-7114.

New Built Sand Trailer

We can also offer new build sand chassis, specifically engineered to haul sand containers in 6-8 week lead time. Please contact us today (832) 433-7114.

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Sand Container Trailer Chassis

If your company is hauling frac sand for the fracking industry, Innova Industries can provide a trailer to meet your needs. This used drop deck chassis was originally engineered to haul 20 ft. ISO tank containers for bulk liquid loads. Per our customer requests, we can fabricate (2) extra bolsters with twist locks. This has 8 pins to accommodate two (8 ft. )  frac sand boxes or sand cans. They are also retractable twist locks, so you can still haul 20 ft containers as well. The lower center of gravity (40″-41″) allows it to move these top heavy loads safely out in the oilfield or fracking site. Call us today if you want more information at (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.

frac sand trailer

Frac sand trailer, fracking equipment, sand box trailer, sand box chassis, sand can trailer, sand can box, frac sand container chassis.

For a chassis specifically engineered to haul these new types of sand containers, we can  recommend the sand chassis, pictured below. For more details and pricing, please contact us at (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.

Sand Trailer

We do not provide in house financing, and payment is due at the time of chassis completion.

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Container Chassis For Sale

Our storage yard is starting to fill up with used container chassis for sale. The chassis stored at this site are repaired, and have current FMCSA inspections. The trailer chassis are ready to be put into your fleet for immediate service. If you are looking for 20/40′ combo chassis, 20 ft. tandem slider chassis, 20 ft. 3AX sliding chassis, or drop deck tank chassis, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call  (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.

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20′ Tri-Axle Slider Chassis Available

20 Foot Tri-Axle Slider Container Chassis Available For Heavy Duty Container Drayage

33′ – 41′ Sliding tridem axle chassis are designed with heavy I-beam and cross-member construction to haul up to 24 metric tons of payload or cargo (about 53,000 lbs.) with a single ISO 20 ft. container. When the chassis is closed (33′) it is easily unloaded and flush with the dock. In the extended (41′) position it easily complies with the bridge laws to haul heavier containers. These chassis meet all the safety standards for safe drayage of ISO containers including DOT, AAR (Association of American Railroads), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

These chassis are outfitted with heavy tensile strength steel frames, sliding pins, 4 twist locks for securing containers. They come with 10.00-20 tube type tires and spoke wheels, ABS (anti-lock brake systems), 2 speed landing gear legs.

If you are interested in purchasing this type of equipment, please contact our office at (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.

You can also visit our other blog at www.allintermodal.wordpress.com for more information!


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New 40 Ft. LTWT Chassis


Brand NEW 40 Ft. LTWT Chassis

Type: (1) 40 ft.  NEW Container Chassis
Year: 2017 Make: ProHaul Tare: 4,950 lbs.
GVWR: 67,5000 lbs. Location: Long Beach, CA

This show chassis is available for purchase to our west coast customers. Take advantage of this one time opportunity!

Call (832) 433-7114 for more information or email:

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Used Container Chassis For Sale

Innova Industries has many used container chassis for sale in inventory this August. We have standard used 40 ft. chassis from years 1993 to years 2008. These used chassis have radial tires and hub piloted disc wheels which are nice to find on a used chassis! No modifications needed!

Tambien hablamos espanol, y tenemos chasis usados portacontenedores de 20 pie y tambien chasis usados portacontenedores de 40 pie. These used 20 ft. sliding tandem axle chassis, sometimes simply called 20s or 20 ft. chassis, are in great shape, and a nice year ranging from 2005 – 2006, we have six units total in stock.


As used container chassis or used chassis for sale are becoming more dificult to find, we try to maintain some inventory levels to help our customers purchase what they need to maintain and grow their business. Please contact us today if we can help you with your business (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.

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3AX Chassis For Sale (Tri-Axle Chassis)

If you’re looking to increase your company’s customer base, you should be considering adding tri-axle chassis, 3AX chassis, used 3AX container chassis to your fleet. These heavy duty container chassis have a much deeper neck and the main I-beams are constructed of a higher tensile strength steel, again much deeper than a traditional 40 ft. chassis or 20 ft. chassis. The cross beam or cross member reinforcements are greater to support the loads of the ever heavier containers coming in to our ports. The chassis have three axles which allow you to load up to 41,000-42,000 lbs (depending on your state laws) onto the rear axle versus the traditional 34,000 lbs of your tandem counterparts. Also our used tri-axle chassis tare weight is under 10,000 lbs. which is a full 1,500 lbs lighter than other manufacturers.

We offer used 3AX chassis in two designs. For those who prefer a vintage, we can offer OshKosh 3AX chassis that expand up to 38 ft. in length and are 28 ft. when closed. We have some that are completely refurbished in Houston, ready for your next project.

Newer chassis manufactured by Strick tri-axle chassis expand up to 41 ft. in length and are 33 ft. when closed. Both are tridem axle chassis. Most of our inventory comes with spoke wheels and tube type tires. Custom modifications can be done in house. For your inquiries please contact our office at (832) 433-7114 or email our sales department, sandra@innovaindustries.net for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Para nuestros clientes en espanol, tambien ofrecemos servicios de cotizacion y transportacion en su idioma. Si buscan chasis de triple eje para venta, por favor llamanos hoy en dia a (832) 433-7114 o enviame un email sandra@innovaindustries.net



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Refurbished Drop Deck ISO Tank Chassis

Innova Industries loves projects that involve bringing new life into used equipment. We’ve been refurbishing a batch of drop deck ISO tank chassis  for a few customer projects. The before and afters can be really amazing to witness.

This unit had aluminum wheels, which cannot be painted a crisp white like steel wheels. Instead we use a chemical cleaner and hand brush process which cleans off the grime and restores them to a former luster. Of course the steel frame is sand blasted to bare metal, then we paint the units to the customer’s request, and seal with a top coat.

BEFORE – UNIT 435003



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July Inventory!

Our office will be closed Tuesday, July 4th in observance of the holiday. Please be advise certain trucking may also be interrupted or rescheduled.  We will be back to normal by July 5th, Wednesday, thanks ya’ll!

Summer is heating up! Our top sellers are going fast. Call us today to get started on a quote for you!

Please let us know if there is anyway we can help you achieve your current equipment needs! You can always reach us by phone at (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.

Our inventory is ever changing!  Scroll
down for more details, or click above to be
redirected to our online inventory page. 
Tri-Axle  Container Chassis
2006 Strick, Sliding Tridem, Spoke
Wheels, Approx Tare Weight 9,900 lbs
GVWR 65,000 lbs.

40 Ft. Container Chassis
2008 Chassis King
Goose Neck Chassis, 48″ Rear Deck

ISO Tank Containers
We Have Several Tanks Ready To Go!
T11 20k – 26k Liter Capacities
Food Grade or Chemical Grade

Refurbished Drop Deck ISO Tank Chassis


Drop Deck Tank Chassis
Spread Axle, Reinke
Tare Weight 7,690 lbs
GVWR 65,000 lbs.

20 ft. Slider Chassis
2005-2006 Hyundai, Spoke Wheel
Tandem Sliding Container Chassis

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