ISO Tank Container For Bulk Liquid Transportation (Before and Afters!)

ISO Tank Container For Bulk Liquid Transportation

ISO tank containers offer many benefits for bulk liquid transportation. They can be shipped on rail, overseas carrier, or over the road on chassis or flatbed trailers (if empty). They are a impermeable environment to safely transport dangerous goods as well as non-toxic bulk liquids and foodstuffs.

The question is how long of a life does an ISO Tank container have? The answer could be almost indefinite, depending on the care and repair of the unit. Take this used tank for example. The unit needs repairs to both the interior of the barrel as well as reworking the insualtion/cladding, and frame. Valves were checked and replaced if necessary and the whole thing was then exterior and interior cleaned and painted.
With the right team of mechanics, we can transform used ISO tank containers into something worth re-investment with many years of service to utilize.

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