Tank Chassis

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Tank container chassis were specifically designed with a lower deck (typically 40”) to hold ISO Tank containers containing both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids. Due to their shifting contents, tanks are at greater risk for turn-over accidents. The drop frame of the tank chassis has a lower center of gravity to compensate for this propensity. In addition, the longer length of the tank chassis allows for it to legally scale most loaded tanks. Like a standard container chassis, the tank container chassis has bolsters and twist locks to provide a secure mounting mechanism and eliminate the need for straps or chains. The standard dimensions make it one more component in the intermodal world. Thus, not only can tank chassis be used to transport tanks, but also 20 ft. containers, especially well suited for those hauling flexi-bags or flexitanks.

The original design and standard is the closed tandem drop frame chassis. This chassis is capable of effectively hauling most tank containers and is more readily found on the used market. Tri-axle tank container chassis have a higher GVWR (42,000 lbs. over the rear axle) enabling them to carry heavier product loads. The spread axle tank chassis offers the lighter tare weight accomplished by only two axles, but due to its axle spread it too can legally scale many of the heavy weight tanks, typically a GVWR of 80,000 lbs.

Most recently added to the list is  31 ft. drop frame chassis especially suited for tank transport in the Caribbean and Latin America. The short length of the drop frame chassis also makes it ideal for in-plant usage. Overall the drop frame tank container chassis is the only safe and legal way to transport all your hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid cargos in tank containers. Please contact us today for availability on new or used tank chassis.