Sand Container Trailer Chassis

If your company is hauling frac sand for the fracking industry, Innova Industries can provide a trailer to meet your needs. This used drop deck chassis was originally engineered to haul 20 ft. ISO tank containers for bulk liquid loads. Per our customer requests, we can fabricate (2) extra bolsters with twist locks. This has 8 pins to accommodate two (8 ft. )  frac sand boxes or sand cans. They are also retractable twist locks, so you can still haul 20 ft containers as well. The lower center of gravity (40″-41″) allows it to move these top heavy loads safely out in the oilfield or fracking site. Call us today if you want more information at (832) 433-7114 or email

frac sand trailer

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For a chassis specifically engineered to haul these new types of sand containers, we can  recommend the sand chassis, pictured below. For more details and pricing, please contact us at (832) 433-7114 or email

Sand Trailer

We do not provide in house financing, and payment is due at the time of chassis completion.

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5 Responses to Sand Container Trailer Chassis

  1. Alejandro E says:

    Need information on the sand chassis

  2. Ulises U says:

    Que precio tienen los chasis para arena, los chasis de 20f los chasis de 40f y los chasis iso tanques

  3. sandra says:

    Please email me at for more information. Mandame un email al correo para precios y disponibilidad. Gracias!

  4. Jesse L. says:

    Hello my name is Jesse and I am interested in you sand box chassis. Are they for sale? D you lease any out? and what is your prices?

  5. Nicolas S. says:

    Need information on the sand trailer

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