Used Container Chassis For Sale

Innova Industries has many used container chassis for sale in inventory this August. We have standard used 40 ft. chassis from years 1993 to years 2008. These used chassis have radial tires and hub piloted disc wheels which are nice to find on a used chassis! No modifications needed!

Tambien hablamos espanol, y tenemos chasis usados portacontenedores de 20 pie y tambien┬áchasis usados portacontenedores de 40 pie. These used 20 ft. sliding tandem axle chassis, sometimes simply called 20s or 20 ft. chassis, are in great shape, and a nice year ranging from 2005 – 2006, we have six units total in stock.


As used container chassis or used chassis for sale are becoming more dificult to find, we try to maintain some inventory levels to help our customers purchase what they need to maintain and grow their business. Please contact us today if we can help you with your business (832) 433-7114 or email

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